Friday, 9 May 2014


Dig, dig and dig again and still they keep coming.  Weeds that is!

I've been digging like crazy and pulling roots out right left and centre.  I've filled bags and bags and buckets and buckets and just when I think there isn't another root in sight a dandelion or a blade of couch grass springs up overnight.  This week I've noticed bindweed waking up and sticking its head out of the ground. Boo I say to you mr bindweed. Stay dormant or better still shrivel up and bugger off.

The one which I hate more than the others (and believe me I hate the couch grass and bindweed with a passion)b is the hogweed.  I have quite a lot on the allotment in overgrown areas and around the boundary. Everything I've read suggests this stuff is pure evil.  If the sap gets on you it causes burns which react to sunlight for a very long time.  For this menace I bring out the weedkiller. Yes I know it isn't good and I can hear the gasps.  This is what it looks like as a youngster and it very quickly grows to massive proportions.

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