Thursday, 31 July 2014


Excuse me while I whoop in delight that finally after losing so many cucamelon plants to the bliddy slugs and snails I have one healthy plant and a fruit forming. I'm beyond excited about'd need to be a gardener to understand that fact. To those non gardeners out there I'm just sad heehee

Thursday, 3 July 2014

9 Days - Won't Be Doing That Again

For various reasons I didn't go to the allotment for 9 whole days and goodness me did I know about it. 

Why can't fruit and veg grow at the rate weeds do? From absolutely nothing when we left it last Sunday to a couple of feet high yesterday. 9 days! 

Thistles galore but they are easily dealt with.  

Bindweed by the bucketful is a different ball game. I've stuck some canes in where that horrible evil stuff is growing for it to grow up and then I'm going to strike with a nasty potion once it is in a false sense of security that I am allowing it to grow. I've heard vinegar spray is good as a weed killer. There is one hell of a mother ship hiding under my plot. 

The Californian poppies are growing well. Hopefully they will self seed and I'll have them again. 

I'm not quite sure what this orange beauty is. I can't remember what I sowed but it is a lovely plant regardless

Growing well are the Echium Pink Fountain I grew from seed last autumn. I planted them out a couple of months ago and the foliage growth has been quite rapid. I'm looking forward to the flower spikes forming. 

I also harvested some onions. Chuffed to bits with these I planted in the autumn. We do have mice hiding on the plot and around a third of the sets survived their nibbling. Lesson learnt to net them this autumn and hopefully more will grow instead of being pinched. Used the red ones last night and they were lovely.