Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The overgrown Allotment

After being on the council waiting list for several months/years (I don't rightly remember) in October 2012 we received a letter inviting us to the site along with a everybody else on the list to choose a plot from a few they had cleared much earlier in the year. They mostly resembled varying stages of overgrown jungle, some with water, some without. 

Turned out even though we weren't top of the waiting list we were top of those who had turned up so got first choice. We went for one which had a water tap just outside and was maybe a little less overgrown than the others. Us being us it wasn't totally straightforward when the man from the council decided we actually weren't top and gave the plot to somebody else. Cue another look around and a possible couple of contenders I decided to ask the council man if there was anybody else above us before we made our mind up (again!). He looked at his list, went beetroot coloured and said he'd made a mistake. We did have first choice and he then had the job of telling the other people they had to choose somewhere else. They ended up next to us on a plot with a dilapidated building on it. Their condition it turned out from his mistake was that the council remove the building. Later we found out that they had also agreed to clear the land for them. I do sometimes wonder what they would have done if they had got our plot and I hadn't asked the man to look at his list. 

So anyway this is what we got

You can just about make out a couple of fence posts on the left side and we go to the edge of the grass where the bindweed is at the right.